Crystal Healing Boise Idaho

Brenda, our Crystal Resonance Therapist, says: "Crystals are made up of minerals that vibrate at certain frequencies. A frequency is an energetic wave. Our bodies are made up of minerals too and respond to the crystals synergistically."

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Here is a video showing an example of a Crystal healing session that was on public television in 2020. It is similar to what a healing session is like at our Crystal Stone Healing Center in Boise.

Demo from public television.


Brenda is a Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh),
and a member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association.

She attended Crystalis Institute for Personal & Planetary Healing
in Sedona, Arizona from 2017 to 2020.

Brenda has been providing Clinical Crystal Healing services since 2019.

Kaylee says, "Brenda makes the whole experience comfortable, positive, and healing.
From her guidance through the energy work to her use of crystals, it was an amazing experience!
I left the table feeling centered, relaxed, and happy. I can't recommend her enough!"


Berna says, "After receiving healing sessions at Crystal Stone Healing my whole body feels so much better.
I am more flexible and have more energy. I have a lot more ambition; I'm an optimist now.
It is like a miracle; my pain is gone! I can't believe how well it works."


"Deep and wonderful experience with Brenda!
I really enjoyed the Reiki with the crystals and how in depth
she shares with you what crystals were used and their meanings.
Highly recommend!" - Kelly Pearl

Need some crystals to take home?

A variety of crystals and gemstones are available at Crystal Stone Healing for purchase.

We also have crystals & gifts at our kiosk Wild Gemstones at the Boise Towne Square Mall.